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Heavyweight Waste® is an all-new hauling company, that is rapidly disrupting the commercial waste industry. We have been built from the ground up to operate differently. As a result, we can and do provide a much better client experience than any other waste company.

How are we different? First, we have much larger containers that are unique in the waste industry. These big containers decrease the frequency of hauling. Fewer hauls mean lower costs, and we share the savings with our customers.

Heavyweight Waste Dumpster

In another industry-first, you never have to call for a pickup. We monitor the waste in your container and coordinate all hauls. Our Premier Customer Service saves you time and hassle. Your containers won’t overflow, and your property stays neat. Our simple pricing is also unusual. It is easy to understand and doesn’t include the confusing nuisance fees charged by others. Finally, we are good for the environment. Fewer truck hauls significantly reduce C02 emissions.

Heavyweight Waste has been built with a customer-first approach, from the bottom up.


Much Larger Containers

Our industry-exclusive dumpsters hold more waste, by design.

Lower Costs

Fewer hauls reduces our costs, and we share the savings with the customers.

Better Service

We provide Premier Customer Service. This means that you never need to call us. We know when your dumpster is full and take it away for you.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We don’t include the confusing nuisance fees charged by others.

Good for the Environment

Fewer hauls means fewer trucks on the road, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

No Nuisance Fees

Gate Unlock Fees

Fuel Recovery Fees

Environmental Recovery Fees

Inactivity Fees

Administrative Fees

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